Visiting the Farm

Farmer for the Day

Spend an exclusive day on the Dartington estate with farmers Jon and Lynne Perkin, running the goat and Jersey dairy herds at Old Parsonage Farm.

You’ll rise with the dawn chorus to start at 6.30am, ready for the first milking session of the day. Then it’s feeding, watering and bedding up the animals. Depending on the time of year that may be cows, goats, calves or, in spring, kids and lambs. All the animals also enjoy a bit of company – the goats are particularly playful and the cows like nothing better than a good grooming.

After a hearty farmhouse breakfast the day may take you in any direction (as all farmers know!) – you could find yourself up to your elbows delivering the newest arrivals at the farm, helping to move herds around the estate or getting involved in land management.

There’ll certainly be plenty of opportunities to try your hand at milking in the parlour, and the day finishes at 6pm, following the afternoon milking of the friendly purebred Jersey herd.

By the end of the day you’ll certainly know what Devon farm life feels like.

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