Visiting the Farm

Milking Experience

If you fancy getting a hands-on experience milking our lovely but mischievous dairy goats then pop down in the afternoon for a 4:30pm milking of our purebred herd of friendly Jersey cows (Pre-booking necessary).

Yesterday I had the really great pleasure to be part of a group from Transition Town Totnes and Schumacher School visiting your Old Parsonage Farm in Dartington.

Thank you so much for all your time to describe your work and passion so well and with unlimited great enthusiasm. Your goats and all the little cows outside on the grass and that interesting support each other about land and milk. And your quite new plans to create ice cream with this wonderful fresh and natural milk.

In Germany you can hardly see one cow outside the cow-shed. We went home a little bit freezing but so happy.
— Christine from Germany


Milking Times